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Mapping Apps w/ Angular JS

Patrick Arlt

Experience Developer - Esri Portland R&D Center

@patrickarlt -


  • Angular can't really be covered in a half hour
  • I HAVE to assume you are least passingly familiar with Angular
  • for my Dev Summit talk

My First Angular App - Map Attack

Map Attack

~275 lines of code -

Demo Time!

YATL (Yet Another ToDo List)

So Angular + JS API?

The Good

  • Angular has modules
  • Dojo has modules
  • They will work togather

The Bad

  • Angular wants to manages module initalization via dependency injection
  • Dojo wants to manage module loading via AMD

The Ugly

  • No good docs on combining the module systems
  • Most examples are overly complex or broken

Demo Time!

YAMV (Yet Another Map Viewer)


Twitter: @patrickarlt