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Mapping with Leaflet

Patrick Arlt

Experience Developer - Esri Portland R&D Center

@patrickarlt -

Who am I?

  • Joined ESRI in 2012
  • Came from a web design/startup background
  • ArcGIS was something people asked me how to print from in college
  • I didn't know what spatial references, projects, mercator or renderers were

How I approach the JS API

The JS API is a framework not a library

Frameworks vs Libraries


  • Complex
  • Opinionated
  • Doesn't play nice
  • Defines "how"
  • Great


  • Single purpose
  • Flexible
  • Integrate w/ frameworks
  • Defines "what"
  • Great

The JS API is a framework for building GIS apps

  • Defines the what you can do and tells you how to do it
  • Dojo is the framework, the JS API is the library
  • API is overly complex and non-intuitive (for non-GIS)
  • Difficult to seperate Dojo from the JS API


  • Open source mapping library
  • Focused on a small (33kb), extensible API
  • Simple and clear API
  • Huge plugin ecosystem
// create a map in the "map" div, set the view to a given lat/lng and zoom
var map ='map').setView([ 33.8253818684, -116.5369606018], 16);

// add tiles from OpenStreetMap
L.tileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
    attribution: '© OpenStreetMap'
// create a marker and add it to the map
var marker = new L.Marker([  33.82538186847268, -116.53696060180664]).addTo(map2);

// create a polygon and add it to the map
var polygon = new L.Polygon([[33.82667422214127, -116.53944969177246],[33.82485600863029, -116.53942823410033],[33.82476687952293, -116.54174566268921],[33.82325167048341, -116.54170274734497],[33.82325167048341, -116.537024974823],[33.8267098730001, -116.53708934783934],[33.82667422214127, -116.53944969177246]]).addTo(map2);
// bind a popup to our marker
marker.bindPopup("<p>Welome to Dev Summit!<p>");
// listen for click events on the polygon
polygon.on("click", function(e){
	alert("You clicked on the polygon at " + e.latlng);

Leaflet's API

  • Simple - Uses Lat/Lng everywhere, no projections
  • Literal - Obvious class and method names
  • Consistent - Strict adherence to its own standards
  • Fully Featured - Styling, Popups, Events
  • Extendable - Classes, events, lots of utilities


So many plugins...

Esri Leaflet

Leaflet plugins for ArcGIS

// create a map
var map = new L.Map("map").setView([ 33.8253818684, -116.5369606018], 12);

// add an ArcGIS Basemap
var tiles = L.esri.basemapLayer("Topographic").addTo(map);
// create a map
var map ='map').setView([46.3, -60.7], 9);

// add a tile layer from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server
var charts = new L.esri.TiledMapLayer("").addTo(map);
var map ='map').setView([36.272228, -116.817001], 7);


var parks = new L.esri.DynamicMapLayer("").addTo(map);
L.esri.featureLayer("", {
	style: function (feature) {
	  return { color: "#70ca49", weight: 2 };
  onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {
    layer.bindPopup( + "<br>" + + " Acres<br>Property ID ";
L.esri.clusteredFeatureLayer("", {
	onEachMarker: function(feature, marker) {
Stop ID: ""
" } }).addTo(map);
var heat = new L.esri.HeatMapFeatureLayer("", {
  radius: 12
var searchControl = new L.esri.Controls.Geosearch().addTo(map);

// listen for the results event and add every result to the map
searchControl.on("results", function(e){
var layer = L.esri.Demographics.demographicLayer('USAHealthCareSpending', {
    token: "A ArcGIS Online Token"
USA Health Care Spending

Esri Leaflet

  • Supports a wide variety of ArcGIS Services
  • Clean Simple API
  • Growing Fast
  • Open Source


Who Wins?

No One

Good developers choose the right tools for the project

Choose Esri Leaflet if you...

  • are integrating into existing apps
  • are already using Leaflet
  • want a simpler focused toolset
  • want to leverage non-ArcGIS Services or data
  • want to leverage Leaflet Plugins

Choose the JS API if you...

  • want a framework
  • need deep integration with ArcGIS
  • want to support everything (renderers, web maps…)
  • work in non-web-mercator/wgs 84 projections
  • love Dojo

You are my dev team

API Roadmap


Twitter : @patrickarlt

Slides :